Climate Protesters Target Ryanair Boss with Cream Pies


The CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, has been targeted by climate activists during a public event in Dublin. Protestors vented their anger towards the budget airline’s environmental track record by throwing cream pies at the outspoken Irish businessman.

Ryanair’s Climate Record in the Spotlight

Ryanair has come under increasing scrutiny over its role in contributing to climate change. Despite recent efforts from the airline to ramp up their ‘green’ credentials, many consider the airline’s response to be inadequate in the face of a worsening global climate situation. The incident at the Dublin event underscores the rising tension between the aviation industry and environmental groups.

The Protest Unfolds

The climate activists entered the venue amidst casual chatter, carrying with them the now-infamous cream pies. O’Leary’s response was one of surprise rather than anger. As the pies hit their mark, the protesters took the opportunity to decry Ryanair’s environmental record in front of the assembled media. O’Leary was able to laugh off the pie attack in the moment, but the message from the climate protesters was clear.

Activists Demand More Action


As airline passenger numbers continue to rise, many environmental campaigners argue that more needs to be done to offset the carbon emissions produced by the industry. The pie-throwing episode came in the wake of a report that launched Ryanair into the EU’s top ten carbon emitters for the first time – a list usually dominated by coal plants. The protesters called for airlines to take more drastic action, and for governments to put greater pressure on the industry.

A Wider Conversation on Aviation’s Environmental Impact

The incident, although lighthearted in nature, shines a spotlight on the serious issue of climate change. It raises pertinent questions regarding the environmental impact of aviation. Ryanair, like many airlines, has begun to take steps towards reducing its carbon footprint, such as investing in new, fuel-efficient aircraft. But for climate activists, the pace of change is far too slow.

Last Word

Ryanair has not yet released an official statement regarding the incident, but the cream pie protest is sure to keep the conversation regarding aviation’s carbon emissions in the spotlight for some time to come.