Why Republicans Want to Impeach Joe Biden: An Analysis

Notwithstanding his recent inauguration and despite a raft of Covid-19 related issues currently plaguing the United States, certain members of the Republican Party are already discussing the impeachment of President Joe Biden. But why is this happening?

The Grounds for Impeachment

Those Republican representatives advocating for impeachment are citing Biden’s executive actions and accusations relating to questionable dealings in Ukraine while serving as vice president under Barack Obama. Specifically, they suggest Biden pressured Ukraine to stop investigating his son, Hunter Biden, who was sitting on the board of a major Ukrainian natural gas company.

The Motivation Behind Impeachment Calls

While hardly the majority view within the Republican ranks, those candidates endorsing such measures are believed to be using the impeachment rhetoric as a political tool to try to weaken the new administration right at its beginning. It’s worth noting that impeachments are not convictions but rather a formal charge initiated by the House of Representatives. It then takes a two-thirds majority Senate vote to remove the president from office.

The Partisan Divide

Moreover, these impeachment talks are a clear testament to the aggressively partisan landscape that is contemporary American politics. The recent impeachment trial of Donald Trump initiated just days before Biden’s inauguration, might also bear some relevance to the issue. It reveals how the impeachment process can become weaponized, acting as a tool for political combat rather than a constitutional remedy for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’.

Implications for Biden’s Administration

Surely, the implications of any impeachment process on the Biden administration would be manifold. Besides being a significant distraction, there’s the potential for a substantial impact on domestic and international political landscapes. Yet, while the impeachment soundbite may rouse the bases on both sides, the likelihood of such proceedings going through remains highly improbable. Whilst the House currently holds a democratic majority, the Senate, where impeachment trials are held, requires a two-thirds majority for conviction, which would need significant cross-party support.

Possible Outcomes

Even though the chances of a Biden impeachment are somewhat remote, the rhetoric serves to further emphasize the deep political divisions within America. The important question remains: Can Biden, embroiled in such early adversity, galvanize his presidency to extend beyond the political boundaries and work towards his stated goal of unity? Time will only tell, but these dialogues around impeachment underscore the challenging political landscape facing the 46th president.