Brussels Terrorist Attack: Suspect Shot Dead by Police

Brussels Terrorist Attack

The Brussels Terrorist Attack: Suspect Shot Dead by Police

Brussels, Belgium – In a dramatic turn of events, the gunman suspected of killing two Swedish nationals in a terrorist attack in Brussels has been shot dead by police. The Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the suspect’s demise, although his identity is yet to be officially confirmed.

The suspect met his fate during a police operation in the Cage aux Ours district of Schaerbeek, a municipality northeast of the capital. Armed and dangerous, the gunman posed a significant threat to the safety and security of the area. Thanks to the swift action of the police, he was neutralized, and an overnight manhunt came to a close.

Brussels Terrorist Attack

Impact on the Euro 2024 Qualifier Soccer Game

The deadly attack unfolded on Monday night, coinciding with a Euro 2024 qualifier soccer game between Belgium and Sweden. The match, being held at the King Baudouin Stadium, was abruptly abandoned at half-time due to security concerns.

As news of the attack spread, the stadium was swiftly evacuated, with authorities urging fans to return home immediately. The National Crisis Center took decisive action to ensure the safety of all attendees and prevent any further harm.

Claim of Motivation and Investigation Underway

In a deeply concerning development, the suspected gunman, in a video uploaded on social media, identified himself and claimed to be “inspired by the Islamic State.” Authorities are now investigating this claim and examining any potential links to terrorist organizations.

Furthermore, the spokesperson for Belgium’s federal prosecutor’s office revealed that the Swedish nationality of the victims may have motivated this vicious act. The investigation will delve deeper into the attacker’s background and any factors that contributed to the tragedy.